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The Tale of the Tape

By Joseph P. Kenny

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A 50 Year Pictorial History
of Caring for Brock Athletes

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Meet Joe

After 37 years of helping keep Brock University student-athletes healthy, Joe Kenny (MEd ’85) retired in 2018.

Hired on Sept. 14, 1981, Kenny was a familiar face around Brock Sports and played a key role as head athletic therapist for some of the Badgers’ most significant athletic accomplishments.

Kenny also taught clinical therapy and field courses in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences, watching many students go on to careers in health care and with professional sports teams including the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs,  Ottawa Senators, Toronto Blue Jays , Toronto Argonauts , Hamilton Ticats and many junior hockey teams.

Kenny, was honoured by Brock University. He and his wife Karen McAllister-Kenny (MEd ’97) received the Distinguished Alumni Award by the Brock University Alumni Association.

Athletic Therapy Ontario (OATA) has honoured Joe Kenny as the 2023 OATA Trillium Award recipient for his leadership role in advancing the profession in Ontario.

The Book

This book is dedicated to the many different individuals who have in some direct or indirect way, contributed to the success of the Brock University Athletic Therapy Clinic and to my personal and professional development.

Athletic Therapy literally means the treatment of physically active individuals and is most often associated with treating injuries in individuals involved with sports or physical activity.

The Brock University Athletic Therapy Clinic’s Mission was more traditional and in line with Van Beek’s idea of supporting athletes in a competitive sport environment. Although the profession continues to evolve and expand its client base and services, the Brock clinic, for the first 50 years, has focused primarily on providing Brock University students with exceptional care and education in the prevention, assessment and treatment of sport and exercise related injuries.

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Athletic Therapy at
Brock University
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Athletics/Sports has

700+ athletes, on
30+ varsity teams, playing
400+ intercollegiate games/year with
2000+ practices receiving on-site injury care from
50+ student athletic therapists & mentored by
3 athletic therapists, 4 sport medicine physicians & many more staff providing
4000+ therapy treatment and 1000+ physician consultations to form
1 Brock University Athletic Therapy & Sport Medicine Team.

This is ... our 50 Year Story ... in pictures and more.

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